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Contract Manufacturing Services to Suit Your Needs

When you decide to outsource your manufacturing to another company, you need someone who has wide experience handling chemicals and equipment to make your plans a reality. Reagent provides flexible contract manufacturing services that fit around your specific requirements.

In the game since 1977, ReAgent are one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the UK. Our 40 years of experience in the manufacture and delivery of bespoke substances allow us to not only give you expert advice, but to also give you full control over the development of your product from day one.

As well as being private suppliers of chemicals and raw materials, our expert team is also on-hand to help and advise you on costs and legal obligations. We also provide up-to-date reports on the progress of your product. Working with a manufacturer who you can trust gives you the time to focus on other aspects of your business, putting you in the best position to grow and success.

Contract Manufacturing for Bespoke Chemicals

At ReAgent, our skilled team and specialist equipment are able to handle any substance you require, be it a liquid, powder, gel or cream. As well as this, we have access to a huge amount of raw materials, and our dedicated purchasing team are in the know about a wide range of chemicals.

Our chemical manufacturing services include:

Quality No Matter the Quantity

To us at ReAgent, no batch is too small. We create solutions for a range of clients, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, providing production runs from as little as one unit upwards to meet the needs of your business.

As one of the leading contract manufacturing companies, no size is too big to small for us. Whether we’re manufacturing a single ampoule, or a bulk size shipping container full of 1,000L IBCs, our acute attention to detail and ISO 9001 certified quality management system will ensure your product meets even the most stringent of standards.

Secure and Confidential Outsourcing

When you choose ReAgent to take care of your manufacturing needs, we understand that your ideas and your products always belong to you. That is why we routinely enter into non-disclosure contracts with customers to protect their ideas, processes, and products.

Flexible, Well-Equipped Facilities

We strive to offer the right balance of experience, equipment, staff and training to meet the needs of our customers no matter what their industry. Some of the tools in our arsenal include:

  • Specialist equipment for the mixing and blending of bespoke chemicals
  • 8D problem solving and automotive supply chain toolkits
  • Onsite water plant for the manufacture of EP standard deionised water
  • Skilled production team trained in LEAN manufacturing
  • Fully automated sachet filling, ampoule filling and bottling facilities
  • Full supply chain management expertise

Industry Leading Customer Service

As part of our contract manufacturing services, we take pride in supplying first class customer service before, during, and after your transaction. We’re just as happy to talk over the phone as we are in person, whether that be at our Cheshire-based facility or at your own premises.

  • At point of enquiry, our knowledgeable and friendly technical sales team will listen to your requirements to build up a picture of what you need
  • If you need to perform an audit of our factory we will arrange a convenient date for you to come in. We will also be ready to implement any suggestions you might have afterwards
  • We’re on-hand to support you during the development and processing of your product, and will be happy to adapt our facility to fit your needs
  • Once you’ve received delivery of your product, we provide ongoing assistance and technical advice whenever you need, at no additional charge

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Why choose ReAgent?

3 generation's worth of experience
ReAgent has always been a family business and the traditional values, expert knowledge and extensive experience we’ve gained since our foundation in 1977 has been passed down 3 generations.
So much more than contract manufacturing
We also offer custom labelling, packaging and shipping as well as full traceability on all batches and consignments.
Limitless possibilities
All elements of our services are configurable from machinery and training to labels, packaging and delivery documentation. This allows us to pass on greater savings to our customers through increased efficiency and ensures we meet their exact requirements.
Fully managed supply chain
Not only do we source high quality raw materials to make your product we can also ship your products to anywhere in the world along with custom labels, packaging and delivery notes including your company branding.

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